Atacama sky

The Atacama desert is the driest and the oldest of the Planet. Less than 200 km large and about 1000 long, it spans most in northern Chile. There are places so dry that they have not seen significant rainfall in the last 400 years!


Thanks to the low population (the Chilean region of Atacama, about as large as northern Italy, does not reach 300 thousand inhabitants!), very low humidity and high mean elevation, the Atacama desert is the ideal place to watch the sky. Here there are all the largest telescopes in the world but also many amateur astronomers who decided live under the best sky of the World.


Explaining the beauty of the starry sky of the Atacama desert is simply impossible, because there is nothing comparable in the world, especially for those who live among the light pollution generated by the largest cities. The best description of the night sky of the Atacama desert is, perhaps, the following: it is a show so disarming and beautiful that no one can even imagine.


Through these pages I will try to share with you all this wonder, but one thing is sure: no matter how many photos you can see, here or elsewhere, sooner or later you have to come here in person and see with your own eyes. I will be happy to be your personal guide!


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