Over the years I have accumulated a lot of instrumentation to try to capture the beauties of the Universe. Here is a list of the equipment with which I took all the photos and videos you find on this site and in the related galleries.



1) Newton Skywatcher 25cm f4.8 telescope (in Italy)

2) 23 cm Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope (in Atacama)

3) Newton Skywatcher 130 PDS f5 telescope (in Atacama)

4) 350 mm Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope, with which some of the planetary images were obtained. I no longer have this scope



1) Lumenera LU075m for planetary imaging

2) ASI120 MM for planetary and lunar imaging

3) Toupcam (no Toucam, TOUPCAM!;) ), Color webcam for planetary and lunar imaging

4) Monochrome SBIG ST-10XME CCD camera for deep-sky photos and research

5) SBIG ST-2000XCM color CCD camera for deep-sky shots

6) 2 Sony A7S cameras for wide field photos and time lapse videos

7) Canon 450D, indestructible camera to use in case of emergency.



1) 2 EQ6 mounts with GOTO system for planetary and deep-sky photos (in Italy)

2) EQ5 black series mount, with GOTO Astromeccanica system (who remembers it?) With which, bravely, I take deep-sky photos with my SC 235mm telescope.

3) EQ2 astrophoto mount for wide and medium field photos (up to 200-300 mm focal length).

4) 2 photographic tripods for wide field photos



1) Samyang 12mm f2.8 Fisheye for wide field photos and many time lapses

2) Beroflex 28mm f2.8, manual M42 objective

3) Super Takumar 50 mm f1.4

4) Sony 50mm f1.8

5) Fujica 55mm f2.2

6) Super Takumar 105 mm f2.8

7) Carl Zeiss Jena 135 mm f3.5

8) Super Takumar 200 mm f4