I am a professional science writer since 2007 and I published my first astronomy book in 2010. Since then I wrote more than 30 books, both of practical and theoretical astronomy. 

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English books

Oh Wow! I saw Saturn! is the perfect guide to learn how to observe the nightsky.


We will start from the beginning, without a telescope, and gradually we will learn all the techniques and the tricks useful to admire the infinite beauty of our Universe. 


This book is suitable for readers of any age, starting from 8. 


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Beauty in the Universe is everywhere. That empty, dark dome above our heads hides priceless pieces of art and treasures that no one can imitate in magnificence, elegance and power. Enveloped by the silence of the cosmic emptiness, we will observe phenomena that will forever change our vision of Nature, thanks to more than 90 spectacular photographs, in color and in high resolution, taken by the author.


We will leave on a thrilling journey across the Universe, with one eye on the wonderful sensations given by our sight, and the other looking at the secrets that those photographs show, often hidden in interesting formations or miniscule details.


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Italian books

Practical astronomy

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