About me

I was born on August 24, 1983 in the green heart of Italy: Umbria, and graduated in astronomy at the University of Bologna.

The passion for astronomy started the day of my tenth birthday, when my father bought me a binoculars to observe the sky.

From that moment on, astronomy has represented much of my life.


I started writing about astronomy in 2007 for the italian magazine Coelum. Over the years I have published articles on many magazines, including Sky And Telescope.

In 2010 I started working to my first book and now, just seven years later, I've written over than 30 books and sold tens on thousands in the very small Italian astronomical market. Click here to read my history on Amazon website.

My books are mainly in Italian language but two of them were translated in English and are available on Amazon.


I was the first in the world to discover an extrasolar planet with amateur equipment and to resolve, with amateur astronomer Antonello Medugno, the the double dwarf planet Pluto and Charon.


I love to travel around the world, chasing the most beautiful astronomical shows, like the Northern Lights, the southern sky and total eclipses of the Sun. The adventure has just begun!