The Awesome Beauty of the Universe from Atacama desert -- ATacama At Night (ATAN)

I am Daniele Gasparri, astrophysicist, ESO photo ambassador and professional science writer, with more than 30 astronomy books published. To  know more about me, click here.


I moved to the Atacama Desert to observe the darkest night sky of the World. Here I take pictures of the Universe and time lapse videos.


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The stunning Milky Way from the Atacama desert. 

Alone in the night, after driving 100 kilometres on a road made of salt (yes, salt!), I arrived at about 3000 meters of altitude, in the heart of the Cordillera de los Andes. No one around me, no sign of life in the total silence of the night. You are alone, but you don't fell alone, because billions of stars are with you, lighting up the martian panorama around you. Welcome to the real Universe. 

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The Universe from Atacama